Katy Downes - Club Manager

What inspires you?

My amazing family inspires me to achieve.

What do I do at A4L?

Support Andy (my husband) and help out form time to time. Although I am a qualified aerobics and spinning instructor.

What makes you smile?

A hug from my kids.
An episode of Friends.

Fave holiday?

Algarve Portugal.
St Anton, Austria. I spent 2 winters living and working in St Anton.

Fave food?

A Sunday roast with all the trimmings and blackberry and apple crumble with custard for pud!

Perfect day?

A tea/milk and biscuits in bed with Andy and the kids followed by a nice long walk with Max the dog. Possibly swimming in the afternoon with the kids and then a family supper, bottle of wine, telly and bed!

Favourite 3 songs?

Reach - S Club 7
Rock DJ - Robbie Williams
Hey Ya! - Outkast

Favourite 3 movies?

Ferris Bullerís Day Off
Mary Poppins (with the kids)

Favourite Books?

Shopaholic range by Sophie Kinsella
One Day - David Nicholls

Favourite type of exercise?

I really enjoy aerobics and step, but if Iím on my own I might challenge myself to a run on the treadmill - itís all good!!

Pet hates?


What motivates you?

Iím a pretty positive person and if Iím interested I something my motivation will naturally follow on.

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