Becky Horwood - Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Nutritional Adviser

I have been working in the fitness industry since 2009. Before that fitness was a huge part of my life. My childhood was mainly spent running, swimming and riding horses. I was also on the hockey, netball and athletics teams at school.

When I left school the RAF was my main goal but I had bad knees and was unable to join so I ended up working with children. As much as I loved this it wasn't what I wanted to do.

I then had a career break whilst having my three girls when my youngest became school age I decided I wanted to do what I loved and Fitness was it. So off I went to premier in Milton Keynes and I retrained to teach people in my love of fitness.

What inspires you?
My children inspire me every day. They wake with such a ZEST for life. They find every challenge in life exciting and fun and that is they way life should be.

What do you do at active4less?
In Active4less I work the gym floor helping people reach their goals. I hope to make people feel positive about their goals and safe in the knowledge I am there to help in every way. I also run classes in spinning, kettlebells and circuits.

What makes you smile?
Everyday my family. They are my life. I feel so blessed to have the most wonderful, caring, loving and supportive husband and three beautiful girls.

What is your favorite holiday place?
My husband and I are extremely lucky to have been to many places in the world and we have seen many beautiful sights but our family holidays nearly always end up back in Spain which will always hold such a special place in my heart. But I would say I'm happiest when I'm up a mountain in North Wales with my husband and my dog.

What is your favorite food?
I love anything Italian but happiest with just cheese, olives and bread.

What is your idea of a perfect day?
Getting up and going for a run always sets me up for the day. Then a lovely family walk with out dog followed by family time.

What are your favorite 3 movies?
I love watching films and Top Gun would have to be my most favorite film. Private Benjamin played a huge part in inspiring me to exercise when I was younger. I love all Quentin Tarentino films.

Favorite books?
Reading is great and it’s a brilliant way to relax. I love the hitchhiker's guide trilogy. The disc world is one of my favorite sets and It was a huge shame when we lost Terry Pratchett. There is a Book called Timoleon Vieta which is just beautiful and immensely sad.

What is your favorite type of exercise?
By far Running. I love to put my headphones on and off I go.

How do you motivate yourself?
You have got to set yourself goals. Whether it's to beat a personal time or to enter an event but it good to aim for something.

Your favorite life quote?
Just keep running.

What is your job role at the gym?
I'm a level 3 personal trainer so I offer personal training sessions as well as working a couple of shifts and running classes.

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